Make a Difference Day

The 2018 tree order form is here! Click the link below to download.

2018 Tree Order Form

Deadline to order is September 28

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National Make a Difference Day

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Tree selection

We have a selection of native trees and under-story shrubs at very low prices to encourage tree planting in our area. Fall is a particularly good time to plant, the roots get a chance to grow before the soil gets too cold while the plant itself is not too stressed by heat or drought. Deadline to order is September 28. Trees will be available for pick-up on October 25 and 26. Details will be sent with confirmation of your order.

Our goal is to get trees planted, everywhere we can, on National Make a Difference Day.

When you’ve planted your National Make a Difference Day tree, share it with us by sending a photo to our email address and don’t forget to register your tree with Taking Root Thank you!

About Make a Difference Day

Thanks to the passion of millions, National Make a Difference Day is the nation’s largest day of volunteering.  In collaboration with Points of Light and the generosity of Newman’s Own, National Make a Difference Day rallies millions of people in a single day to help change the nation.

Local involvement

Locally, in the fall of 2014, The Taking Root Steering Committee had an idea to have community volunteer tree plantings on National Make a Difference Day.  Tree planting on this day would increase regional awareness of the Taking Root reforestation efforts and encourage volunteer commitment to the concept of reforestation.  The Make a Difference Day (MaDD) Team was created on that day and is now recruiting people and facilitating community volunteer tree plantings throughout the eight county Taking Root region (Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren Counties in Ohio; Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties in Kentucky; and Dearborn County in Indiana).

Since 2014, the MaDD Team has continued its efforts to facilitate community tree plantings.  To date, the MaDD Team has assisted more than 400 volunteers planting more than 2000 trees in the eight counties of the Taking Root region.

Partnerhips—Our multi-year partners include the cities of Newport and Covington in Kentucky, and the cities of Wyoming, Lockland, Woodlawn in Ohio. Last year environmental non-profits joined in: Cincinnati Nature Center, Millcreek Groundworks, Western Wildlife Corridor and Little Miami Inc. all held Make a Difference Day tree plantings.

How trees help your community

As trees grow larger, their impact on the ecological economic, emotional and aesthetic aspects of the environment increases. Trees that are planted and sited well can live 100 years, providing benefits for many generations. Engaging volunteers in planting trees and learning about the benefits of trees changes a community’s perspective about its environment. Educated and committed volunteers permit a community to improve its physical and economic health and pass this knowledge on to the next generation. permanently changing the community paradigm.

The MaDD Team offers advice and contact information for anyone wanting to plant trees on Make Difference Day.  Team members help with information on fundraising, volunteer recruitment, appropriate tree selection, tree planting, and toolkit essentials for a planting event in your community.  The MaDD Team also coordinates an annual tree sale exclusively for MaDD tree planters.

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CONTACT THE MaDD TEAM AT: for information

If you would like one of us to address your organization, we are happy to schedule it.

Advice from a Tree

Stand tall and proud

Sink your roots into the earth

Be content with your natural beauty

Go out on a limb

Drink plenty of water

Remember your roots

Enjoy the view!