Project Application

Does your organization want to plant more trees on its property – or remove honeysuckle or other invasive woody plants – if it only had the manpower, expertise, training, or funds? Taking Root is accepting applications for tree planting projects in need of funding. up to $2,000

We recommend you download the application from the link below, write your responses in a word document, then paste them into the appropriate fields in the below application. Please note: Application must be submitted online using the below form. Emailed forms, PDF, and hard copies will not be accepted. Also for your information we have included the Terms of Agreement. Please be aware that failure to complete your project within the grant period or submit a final project report may result in the return of awarded funds to Taking Root. In addition the committees criteria our committee uses to rate grants (subject to change) is linked below for your information.

Thanks for applying, we look forward to reading about your projects!