Selecting The Right Tree

Below are resources to help you in selecting the appropriate tree for your planting site. There is no dispute among experts that Pyrus calleryana and all of its cultivars (‘Bradford’, ‘Aristocrat’, ‘Cleveland Select’, and others), commonly known as Bradford Pears or Callery Pears, has become an invasive plant in the Greater Cincinnati, eight county Tri-State and beyond. For that reason, Taking Root has determined that planting these selections does more harm than good to the environment. We ask that you do not plant ornamental pears, tree of heaven, honeysuckle or any other invasive species.

We do ask that you consider instead the many other species and selections that are also beautiful, perform all the environmental services we hope for, and do not out compete or replace native species in our greenspaces.

Visit an arboretum to see what a tree will look like before you buy it!
Trees on Display at Boone County Arboreetum

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